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"The celestial bodies are the cause of all that takes place in the sublunar world."
Thomas Aquinas

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Mercury the Messenger


Solar Fire Gold V9 performs chart calculations, generates graphs, timemaps and much more. For more information and orders about this and many other astrology software products, visit or

The Astrological Association of Great Britain supports astrology by publishing the Astrological Journal, Correlation, Culture and Cosmos, an online magazine called The Loop, and an Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. Its annual conference is the major gathering of astrologers in Britain. It also represents astrology in the media and stands up for astrology in many other ways. For more information visit:


The Wessex Astrologer. The site is clearly set out. It includes an extensive booklist with the latest additions highlighted, a broad selection of CD Studyshops, and a newsletter. It is also the European distributor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

Midheaven Books. The site is very easy to navigate. It presents a comprehensive catalogue - traditional and CPA Press astrology books, online special offers and second-hand books as well as Astrological software and Astro*Intelligence computerized horoscopes.

Astrology Sites

Allison Rae is an intuitive Astrologer who draws on the Esoteric Wisdom Teachings to quicken the individual's evolution of consciousness. Her site contains insightful articles and teachings and she also offers an inspiring newsletter outlining the current cosmic influences.

Laila Wold is a Norwegian Astrologer. Her site has a tremendous amount of information (in English and Norwegian) about Lyme Disease and herbal treatments. Her work includes research into the Astrology of Lyme and its remedies.

Rev. Pam Crane is the acknowledged expert on Draconic Astrology. Her website offers an overview of this technique as well as a wide range of articles, stories and other resources.

Mary English is a well-known Astrologer, author, homeopath and hypnotherapist. Her practice is based in Bath, England.

Sue Martin's work focuses on balancing the subtle energetic system in order to more fully interconnect with the Universal Energy Field via the Solar System, Galaxy and beyond. Her site contains a lot of information about this exciting field of Astrology.


Stuart Wilde was an urban mystic and visionary. He wrote more than 20 books on self-empowerment and modern mysticism. His site continues to offer a wide range of interesting articles and downloads on many different topics.

Based in the Swansea area of South Wales, Avalon Clinical Hypnotherapy is run by Jane Williams. She offers a wide range of complementary therapies including Hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki.

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