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Parent/Child Sun Signs

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This is a series of short introductory articles looking at some ways in which the influences of the various signs might manifest in a child and later on as a parent.


Image of Aries

Children born with the Sun-sign of Aries have a wonderful exuberance for life. They like to be involved in all the activities going on around them, and thrive in a busy environment. Being alive with energy, they exhibit a spontaneous desire for action and excitement. Nothing pleases them more than having a lively and varied schedule. Their capacity for activity needs plenty of expression, and so their time needs to be organised in order to expend it all. Sport, physical exercise and rough-and-tumble games are all usually enjoyed. These are freedom-loving children, and so they will particularly dislike restrictions being imposed upon them. However, like all youngsters, they sometimes need discipline and a firm hand. A fine balance is called for here, as being too strict could possibly lead to obstinacy or wilfulness.

Aries confers courage, independence and confidence. Both girls and boys of this sign might well resent assistance, preferring to learn by their own mistakes. The love of challenge is strong - Arien children need an opportunity to assert, test and prove themselves. They like to have a goal in mind, and want to excel and shine at everything they set out to do. Once they have an objective in mind, they like to push ahead - and they do have plenty of determination to succeed! However, they can loose interest after a while, as it is starting new schemes and projects that seems to fire their imagination the most. They may need encouragement to spend some time peacefully in order to recharge, because of their great enthusiasm and energy.

Patience is a quality which does not come easily to them - they want everything NOW. Arien children may not find school stimulating, and subjects which do not fire their imagination could give rise to daydreaming. It can be helpful to nurture any interest the child has and encourage his passions, perhaps by inspiring him towards challenges which spark his interest and curiosity. The competitive spirit is powerful even from a young age, and so this is something that can be appealed to. Occasionally, they may find loosing difficult - but setbacks usually serve to encourage greater concentration next time.

There can be an impulsive side to the Aries nature, and perhaps also a little rebellion. These are children who enjoy taking risks, pushing themselves to the limit, and testing their strength and fearlessness at every opportunity. They can be hasty and have a total disregard for danger, so do need close attention. This is the child who will attempt things that would daunt others, so keeping him out of physical danger without curbing this adventurous spirit has given the parents of the Arien child many a headache!

Any kind of pretence is disliked, and so these children will respond especially well to having things fully explained. When they are able to understand the reason for limits or rules they can then see the sense in them. This approach also helps when they seem only to be concerned with their own interests - at the expense of others perhaps. If this is pointed out in a kind and matter-of-fact manner, they usually accept it and, with some encouragement, soon learn to modify this behaviour.

Aries adults make enthusiastic mothers and fathers. Being a fire sign, it confers a great deal of warmth, kindness, and affection, so they make lively parents, joining in with their children's games and identifying with their problems. Through their capacity to treat their offspring as equals, and being able to talk through their concerns, they have usually built up a good rapport with them by the teenage years.

Perhaps one of the difficulties an Aries parent has to face is not to push their sons and daughters. In their enthusiasm and eagerness to see their child succeed, they can sometimes find it difficult to stand back and let them develop at their own rate. Having said this, they are fiercely protective and will not tolerate any criticism or censure of their children at all.

People born under this sign have vision and spirit, and so can wholeheartedly enter any project they undertake. When they have children in their care, they are usually passionately dedicated to them. They enjoy the many challenges that parenthood inevitably brings, and have an innate talent to cope with the ever-changing demands made upon them. They are direct in approach and have the capacity to come to the point, so are able to forge a mutually understanding bond with their children. Being alert to see and follow new trends, their approach to parenthood is original, innovative and exciting. This makes for a happy home and sets the way to becoming a much-loved and admired parent and mentor.

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Image of Taurus

Children born with the Sun-sign of Taurus are practical, steady and determined. They like to know how things work, and will methodically keep on until their goal is achieved. With their tenacity of purpose and tremendous endurance and perseverance, perhaps the worst thing is having their established order upset. It takes a lot to ruffle these gentle, placid children. They are usually patient and even-tempered, as long as their lives and routines are not disturbed or they may become resentful or angry. They like things to stay the same, and when young it is these children who ask for the same story to be read to them over and over again. They do tend to be creatures of habit, and will feel safe and secure following an established routine. Stability is important to these children, and this coupled with their innate respect for authority, is perhaps why many young Taureans enjoy the structured environment of school.

The Taurus child does not liked to be pushed into things, or to be rushed, but has great staying power and constancy. They like to deliberate, and take their time to think. They do not make decisions, or work in a hurry, but when their mind is made up, it can be irrevocably so - perhaps at times to the point of obstinacy. Altering course can be difficult - it takes a lot to change their minds once they are set on something. Their natural caution can sometimes put a brake on their curiosity, and so encouraging them to try new things and being a little more flexible in approach may be very helpful. Praising them when they share their toys or when they are especially co-operative will also be appreciated.

They have the ability to take pleasure in simple things. When relaxed and happy, they are wonderfully contented children. They are very affectionate, and love to show it with smiles, hugs and cuddles. Their feelings run deep, and so they need lots of reassurance of being loved. This is a child who is sociable and enjoys company. Friends are important, and some forged in childhood can be enjoyed for life. However, if they are unhappy or displeased about something, they can be quite wilful. The dislike of emotional confrontations can be strong, and so they may need some encouragement to actually tell you what it is that is bothering them.

Many Taureans are extremely responsive to colour, sound and rhythm. They can be artistic children, though may need a little prompting to actually develop their skills. Music is often very much enjoyed. Many here have a beautiful singing or speaking voice, or perhaps an aptitude for playing an instrument. Others, may prefer to express their creativity through art, pottery, carpentry or another practical means. Either way, encouraging a creative hobby can be helpful, as once something is learnt it is retained for life.

Often the young Taurean has a strong physique, and a great enjoyment of food. It is important to these children to enjoy the physicality of the world around them. Their innate love of all living things can find expression through growing things or taking care of a pet. At the same time, too much exertion or exercise is often disliked, and so there may be a need to encourage outdoor activities and games.

Taurus adults make caring and nurturing parents and are capable of expressing their feelings in a practical way. Being deeply affectionate, kind and loving, they can sometimes spoil their children. They are generous and considerate to those they love, so will want to give their child the best that money can buy. Taurus women can be excellent mothers and homemakers. They are naturally practical, and are able to bring order, comfort and harmony to the family home. Perhaps one of their difficulties is in over-indulging or over-protecting those in their care. Taurean Fathers also have a strong protective instinct. They provide a sense of security and confidence for their children, and bring stability and routine to their lives.

Perhaps one of the difficulties a Taurean parent has to face is being a little set in their ways. Even though they often have an easy-going temperament, they can approach parenthood conservatively, and perhaps be a little strict or even demand firm discipline. They may not take kindly to change, so it could be difficult for them as their children reach the teenage years, and want to try something new or unusual. However, by relying on their natural instincts, and endeavouring to see the child's point of view, they can relax and enjoy their youngsters, and with a little effort, will learn to stand by and let them make their own decisions.

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Image of Gemini

Children born with the Sun-sign of Gemini have a restless curiosity; a deep inner need to know, to understand and to learn. They always seem to be looking for new experiences, and are more than capable of coping with several things at a time. The love of variety is strong, and so these children do not enjoy being forced to stay at one occupation for long periods. Their quick, agile minds seem unable to be still for a moment, so they can be easily distracted. It might therefore be helpful to encourage them to develop their concentration and steadfastness. They may also need to cultivate consistency of effort, as there is a tendency to move on to new interests before finishing those already begun. It is good for them to have some structure in their interests, or too many could be taken on.

Finding an outlet for this restlessness can be challenging as the Gemini child needs much mental stimulation. The versatility and diversity of their interests can be tremendous, especially when they are allowed the freedom to explore the subjects and topics which attract their attention. It is for this reason that the discipline of school may not be enjoyed, as it may feel too restricting. At the same time, they do enjoy learning, and gathering information, but at their own pace, and in the subjects which particularly interest them.

The Gemini child has a wonderment of life which can be a joy to watch unfold. They will want to know everything, and are likely to ask questions constantly to satisfy this curiosity. Their minds are open and receptive, and so many mental and intellectual interests and pursuits are likely to be embraced as the years progress. Life revolves around thoughts and ideas, and they seem to have an innate talent for handling many things at once.

The verbal skills of Gemini children can be pronounced from an early age - in fact many start to talk well before others of their age group. As they grow, their mischievous side can come to the fore and many enjoy nothing better than entertaining their friends in the school playground by mimicking their elders and teachers. They make friends easily - usually they are the ones to initiate a conversation. There is in the Gemini child a need to share and discuss ideas, thoughts and plans. They like to know they are understood and so will demand the attention of those around them. It is also beneficial for these children to grasp what is going on in their surroundings, so they will appreciate things being carefully explained and expounded.

Books, ideas, conversations and trips can all stimulate their bright and lively imagination, as Gemini confers a love of variety and change. Many children here have good manual dexterity and so may enjoy some form of handicraft. This can give practical expression to their fertile minds. They may also find that sports and outdoor pursuits are a good way to channel their energy and enthusiasm. Short journeys and visits to places of interest may also satisfy the need for a varied agenda.

These children may always seem to be in a hurry - there is so much they want to see, explore, understand and experience. Sleep, therefore, can sometimes be a bit of a problem for them. Establishing a regular and quiet bedtime routine may help, as can providing a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Gemini adults may initially need a little time to adapt to parenthood, but once they do, they make good and innovative mothers and fathers. Perhaps the first year or so can be the most difficult, as babies cannot say what is troubling them. As the child grows, and so is able to convey their needs and wishes, the Gemini parent can really shine. Their adaptability and faculty for communication win through and they can establish a good rapport with them. Their own wide interests can foster the awakening curiosity of the child, and they will be able to give a myriad of books, experiences and ideas to their children.

These are parents who enjoy reading to young children, and will enjoy teaching them things and introducing new ideas to them. Taking them on trips and outings will also be enjoyed. The Geminian need to communicate is strong, and so an intellectual harmony, and a deep friendship is usually sought. It is important that they also take the time to listen to what their children are really saying, as sometimes, in their haste to excite and please their children, what their sons and daughters actually want may be overlooked. However, Geminians make progressive parents. They keeping up to date with current trends, and are able to adjust and adapt to the fashions and enthusiasms of the time.

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Image of Cancer

Children born with the Sun-sign of Cancer are sensitive, gentle and kind. Their compassion, and urge to nurture and care for things can often be seen even when they are very young. These are the children who will bring home injured birds and stray animals to be looked after. They also have great receptivity to the thoughts and feelings of those around them, and so will react strongly to any ups and downs in their close environment. Any changes or disruptions in their home, or in the familiar people in their daily life, could cause some apprehension. Childhood associations will always be very important to these children. People and places will be remembered with great fondness, and they will enjoy recalling past happy memories and events.

These children experience strong emotions. Although at times they may appear shy and introvert, this is often just their way of covering any doubt or uneasiness they may be feeling. This outer reserve is their protective covering to shield them from what they see as harsh realities in the world. They are very affectionate and so may well be easily hurt. Being especially sensitive to criticism, they need plenty of encouragement and praise to bring out the best in them. They also require a lot of reassurance that they are loved, so as to help them build up confidence in themselves and their abilities.

The need to belong and to be needed is a strong Cancerian trait. For these children, a close family bond will be extremely important, and they will rely on this for security and assurance well into their teenage years. When they feel secure, loved and accepted, they will then be able to go out into the world and achieve their dreams and ambitions. The home-loving instinct is strong, and if at any time they feel disquiet or upset, it is here they will retreat and stay until it passes. However, it might not always be easy for them to tell you why they are agitated - they will expect you to know why, and so it may take some patience and tact to find out exactly what it is that is causing their troubled feelings.

Cancerians may not make friends easily, but once made many turn out to be life-long friendships. They may not be the most adventurous of children. It may take some effort to get them to try new foods or to engage in a new hobby, for example. However, they do have powerful imaginations, and if this is encouraged and thoughtfully directed in their early years, it can be a wonderful way of expressing their innate creativity and resourcefulness. When young, they will enjoy playing games and being entertained, and as they grow, artistic hobbies and pursuits might well appeal. Cancer is known for a tendency to hoard, and so many children of this sign enjoy collecting things.

The Cancer child has the potential to be a high achiever. They can be tenacious and hard working once they have decided upon a particular course of action. However, they do not like to fail, and so it is important to help and encourage them from an early age to discover their own particular aptitudes and interests, and to develop and unfold them.

Cancer adults make caring and protective parents. They often have very strong maternal or paternal instincts and an intuitive rapport with their families. They provide a good home and supportive background for growing children, but they can worry a great deal about them and in particular, their future happiness and security. As they are basically practical, and able to manage the business side of things, they usually plan carefully for the future, in order that their families can be well-provided for.

As Cancer is the sign of home and family, a deep involvement with their children usually comes effortlessly. Being naturally sympathetic and emotional, looking after others, comforting and safeguarding them, is their main concern. The need to protect their loved ones is very strong, and so one of the difficulties many of these parents here have to face is in allowing their children to develop independently, and eventually to go their own way. Letting go does not come easily, and sometimes this can lead to their youngsters feeling a little held back. Having said this, being so family-orientated, and receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others, any worries or disagreements can soon be worked out amicably.

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Image of Leo

Children born with the Sun-sign of Leo have a great capacity for enjoyment. They can put their heart into whatever they set out to do, and will take pleasure in doing it well. They need to have an opportunity for creative expression and to exercise their fertile imaginations. For some, this can be satisfied by the adventures and excitement of stories, whilst others will have a far more hands-on approach - enjoying art or music for example. A Leo child will work patiently in order to achieve their objective. Some will particularly enjoy working alone on a creative project, and although they have the capacity for concentration, in their enthusiasm to see the end result, they can at times be a little impatient of detail.

When young, the need for play can be extremely strong. They love challenge and so will look for activities which test their capabilities and strength. Many different games and pursuits will be tried until they find the ones that fire their imagination. These are youngsters who will work hard at school, and not give up easily on a task they have chosen to undertake. Approval is important to them - if they feel appreciated and valued they will work all the harder. With positive feedback from those they love, the Leo child will also be able to experience pride in their achievements. To give of their best, they require a great deal of love and attention, and when this is forthcoming they are extremely affectionate and loving in return. However, without the approval of those they care about, their enthusiasm will wane. They have a deep appreciation of quality and excellence, and so when they feel respect and admiration for someone, they are loyally devoted to them.

The typical Leo nature is sunny, cheerful and positive, with occasionally a slight tendency towards boastfulness or flamboyancy. Leos enjoy being pampered and being made to feel special. They may be fiery and impetuous at times, but they are also warm-hearted, kind and generous. They exude a zest for life, and a radiance and spontaneity which is a joy to see. However, the outgoing nature can sometimes be too much for the physical body which can become exhausted, so there is a need to ensure plenty of rest periods and quiet pursuits are also undertaken. These are happy little souls, and they are unlikely to mope around unless their vitality is lowered through illness.

Leo is the sign of leadership, so children here can be strong-willed and perhaps a little bossy at times. They usually have plenty of self-confidence and an independent nature, though they are somewhat resistant to change and dislike being forced into doing anything. Their life-force and personality are strong and there is often a powerful sense of drama in all they do. For these reasons, they do need firm handling as a child. It is important not to restrain their spirit or dampen their enthusiasm, but they do need a certain amount of direction. Criticism does not work with them, the best approach can be to gently show them how things could be improved then leave the decision of whether or not to accept this advice up to the child. For young Leos, especially in their teenage years, praise works best.

Leo adults make energetic and affectionate parents. They often have the knack of enthusing and inspiring their offspring, and with their inherent wealth of ideas, can encourage them into trying many different activities. They are able to bring a sense of warmth and fun to all the entertainment and events they arrange. However, one thing they may need to watch is a tendency to expect too much from their children, and an inability to let them develop at their own pace. With a little discrimination, they will give strength and reassurance and not press them to follow the advice that can perhaps be given a little freely. These parents are very proud of their children especially when they exhibit lively and enthusiastic qualities. If the child is a little on the shy side, they may have to work at not swamping them with their own exuberance.

The Leo parent feels a responsibility for those in their care, and will strive to provide the very best for them. In fact, it is likely they will spend a lot of money on their children - far more than they can realistically afford at times. They are always ready to give support as they just know that their child is first-class and they will encourage them to be the best they can be. It is usual for Leos to enjoy parenthood, and to derive a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from bringing up their families.

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Image of Virgo

Children born with the Sun sign of Virgo have a discriminative and careful approach to life. They are often serious, caring and concerned, and prefer the security of a stable routine to order their day. They set high standards and can be perfectionists, therefore if they have to accept something that seems less than perfect to them, it can at first be a little disheartening. Virgo is essentially the sign of astuteness and selectivity, and it can give an inherent love of neatness and order. Children of this sign are conscientious and painstaking and can attend to work which requires attention to detail. Meticulous planning comes easily to them and a job well done is a source of great satisfaction. However, they can be somewhat critical of themselves and others, and this is something the parents of a little Virgo may need to watch.

The Virgo child is often quiet, thoughtful and studious. Many will in later years choose to undertake extensive studies, and there is sometimes a particular interest in scientific or cultural subjects. The order and structure of school life usually suits these children. They are the ones who ask lots of questions, make careful notes, and help to tidy up, so they are apt to be liked by their teachers. They also tend to make friends quite easily, so for most Virgoans, school is mostly a pleasant and happy experience. Although they may do well in their education, many will not choose the academic life, as stage screen or the sporting arena attracts their interest.

These are very questioning souls. They like to have things explained properly, and to know exactly what is expected of them. These children may not want to take the lead, but prefer to take direction from their more dominant peers or from adults. They are wonderful observers of everything around them - seldom will they miss an opportunity to explore something that intrigues them.

Virgo confers diligence and industriousness. There can be a dislike of compromise, and so children here can become absorbed in the frets and worries of daily life. For this reason, it would be helpful to encourage them to have several hobbies and pastimes to occupy their time and thought. Some form of productive creativity is favoured by many, whilst others are more drawn to research or study. Often, young Virgoans will exhibit a love of nature and growing things, and many will want to have pets to take care of. It is also true to say that from a very young age, many people of this sign derive a great deal of satisfaction from doing things for others.

A quality associated with the sign of Virgo is indecisiveness. Children here may vacillate for quite some time before they are sure they have made an appropriate decision. Even when they have done so, they can worry if it is the right one. Often this is because they are so investigative. It would be helpful to encourage the Virgo child to balance the analytical side of their nature with a little resoluteness and to praise them when they succeed. It is perhaps this tendency to worry that can sometimes affect their health. For example, if they are upset, then digestive troubles can be a problem or they could become physically exhausted. Motivating the young Virgo to take exercise or to participate in sporting activities can be very beneficial not only to their overall well-being, but to their self-esteem and confidence too.

Virgoan adults make diligent and careful parents. In particular, they will encourage their sons and daughters to spend their time productively and usually they are happy to help them with their school work or handicrafts. One thing they may have to be aware of though is that their standards may be a little too high and so unattainable. It is important to keep things in perspective and to set realistic and reachable goals and aspirations. Perhaps in particular, the love of neatness can make for some difficulties for Virgo mothers. With family life, they may have to accept and enjoy a slightly less tidy but far more snug and loving environment.

Virgoans are unlikely to embark upon parenthood without due consideration and forethought. Their patience and fortitude come to the fore when they are with their offspring and in particular they may be keen to encourage their children's intellectual development. Virgoans make good parents, and the attention and concern that they give to their family is more often than not very much appreciated and valued by their children.

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Image of Libra

Children born with the Sun-sign of Libra have abundant charm and they know how to use it. They are sweet and engaging little souls, and able to melt the hearts of the adults around them with their winsome ways - even the strictest of parents or teachers are likely to fall under their spell. The Libran child is relaxed and friendly, and endowed with an affable demeanour and desire to please. They are unlikely to need strong discipline or a firm hand as they are normally well-mannered, considerate and good-natured.

The desire for peace and harmony is extremely strong in the Libran temperament, and so co-operation with others is of the utmost importance. Searching for the middle path is the goal here, but until a certain amount of maturity and poise are gained, there can be some moments of extremism and conflict before a point of balance is reached. These children have an instinctual need for justice, fair-play and equality, and so you will often hear the cry "but it's not fair" coming plaintively from their lips. At the same time their dislike of conflict can be deeply entrenched. Because of this, they can find opposition difficult, and may give in for the sake of peace.

Something that may not be too easy for a Libran child is making their own decisions. They may depend on parents or older siblings too much and so will need a little gentle pushing in order to form definite opinions of their own. With a little encouragement they will come to their own conclusions and learn to stand up for themselves, and this will build up their confidence and self-reliance.

They are very genial children, and will enjoy companionship and joint projects and schemes with their peers. Socially, they are very much at ease, and so being part of a group appeals to their sense of togetherness. They are not usually particularly competitive, and so working on a joint endeavour will bring out the best in them. As they relate so well to others, the young Libran is often very popular and well liked. This is important to them, as their need for approval and acceptance is often quite strong.

These children can be very questioning, and when their interest is captured, they will work hard at school. However, they may need some encouragement to work steadily if their imagination is not sparked by a certain subject. They are adaptable though, and usually settle into most routines. The one thing the young Libran may find difficult in school life is having to deal with rough and unruly children; they will be unable to understand them. It may help to spend some time talking to the Libran child and gently pointing out how diverse people can be in their outlook and behaviour in order to prepare them for these differences.

Any unpleasantness or inharmonious conditions may also be difficult for them to handle. These are children who want to make a good impression. There can be a strong sense of orderliness and even when very young, they are likely to have an eye for style and elegance. It will be a rare occasion when these children will enjoy rough and tumble games or getting themselves dirty. They are much more likely to prefer creative, artistic or cultural pursuits. Many Libran children have an inherent appreciation of colour, sound and form - they are born artists, musicians, or dancers. This being so, it would be very good to encourage them to develop any interests in this area and if possible to introduce them to music, dancing or artistic pursuits if they seem particularly drawn to them.

Libran adults make easygoing parents. They are gentle and very accommodating - perhaps too much so a times. In their desire to please, they sometimes find it difficult to deny any request their children make, and so they may shift responsibility on to someone else. The reply of "ask your father/mother" will often be used, and this can be quite frustrating to a youngster who wants a definite answer to an urgent request! However, they are very diplomatic people, and so can appease and placate their offspring with a plausible and reasonable explanation.

The Libran mother or father wants to be a good parent. They may pretend to be a disciplinarian but any proposed punishments are seldom carried through. They also tend to be very idealistic, and will want their children to look their best, spending time and money to ensure they do. The Libran mother in particular sets very high standards, and aims to have polite and well-turned-out children. Librans make affectionate and caring parents, and ones that their children can turn to whenever they need support.

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Image of Scorpio

Children born with the Sun-sign of Scorpio have great sensitivity. Even from an extremely young age, many have a discerning insight and perceptive skills that belie their tender years. These children need gentle understanding to bring out their finer qualities. It might not be easy for them to say what is going on in their minds - their feelings can have such an intensity they may need encouragement to fully express them. They dislike looking vulnerable, so at times of uncertainty they may withdrawal from people, or mask any inner tumult with an outer veneer of calm.

The Scorpio child is a highly imaginative little soul. For them to be happy and content, they need to be occupied with activities that truly interest them. Their motivation can readily be stimulated, and their drive and determination channelled into an activity they enjoy. They'll like to have a goal for which to aim, and once they have set their mind on a particular course, they'll work steadfastly towards it. Taking pride in their achievements comes naturally, and nothing will enhance their confidence and self-esteem more than a few well-chosen words of praise from their loved ones.

Scorpio bestows a love of the mysterious and so detective stories, tales of mystery and wonder or of chivalrous times gone by may capture their imagination. When young, keep the stories light-hearted, or these impressionable youngsters may be prone to nightmares. Regular quiet times during the day can help settle them if they become a little over-excited. This is also the sign of secret hidden things. Whilst not always an easy task, this quality can be positively developed and directed by taking an inventive and creative approach, perhaps by involving them in planning surprises and treats for others. Once they are inspired to use this attribute in such a thoughtful way, it should set them on the right course for the future.

These are children who have very definite likes and dislikes - no half-measures here! They are quite resistant to being told what to do, much preferring to follow their own dictates in their own time. It will take a great deal of ingenuity and persuasion to get them to do something they don't want to do without an ensuing rumpus. However, they do respond well to challenge, and if they feel that what they are being asked to do is worthwhile, they will comply. The trick is to gain the respect and esteem of these little ones, and they will respond accordingly - when they feel secure and content no child could be more delightful or charming.

Once a good rapport is established with other people, they will be able to relax and be themselves. Devotion can be developed to an incredibly high level, but there is one pitfall here that may have to be addressed from time to time, that is a possibility of jealousy. This is most likely to surface on occasions when they feel a little unsure or uncertain of themselves. One example might be at the birth of a younger brother or sister. If they can be carefully prepared for the forthcoming event, and included in the preparations and encouraged to help, then there is a good chance that any jealous feelings and reactions can be minimised or avoided altogether.

Scorpio adults make demanding but very committed parents. They may be a little on the strict side, but their intentions are of the highest order. They will tirelessly stand up for the rights of their offspring - even when their children might prefer to fight their own battles. They have strong positive ideas and might try to impose them on those in their care. They can be a little fixed in their opinions and this can at times make it difficult to give way to their children's requests or demands. It would be helpful if from time to time they could review their opinions, and perhaps make a deliberate effort to incorporate more modern and contemporary ideas. If they are unable to do this, then they run the risk of the gulf between them and their offspring ever increasing. Consciously developing their tolerance and sympathy will ensure that most problems are allayed successfully.

The Scorpio parent can be an exacting one, but they are also capable, loyal, inexhaustible and truthful - sometimes to the point of bluntness. They are nurturing and loving, and want their children to be energetic and fulfilled. They will keep their children busy with outings and visits as they enjoy being in their company. Their challenge is to learn to relax and put any unnecessary worries to one side so that their natural parenting skills have the opportunity to fully shine through.

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Image of Sagittarius

Children born with the Sun-sign of Sagittarius have a wonderful curiosity and joy in life. They have an independent spirit, and so will always want to do things for themselves. They are adventurous little souls - from the toddler who wants to explore every cupboard to the teenager who wants to backpack across continents. These are affectionate and enthusiastic children, with an enormous sense of fun. Nothing will amuse them more than playing a practical joke. They are usually quite extrovert, having a cheery, happy-go-lucky approach, and the ability to make friends easily.

The Sagittarian nature is warm, good-natured and impulsive. They can be quite fearless youngsters, and with their strong desire for adventure, they need careful supervision to watch they do not overstep the bounds of safety. Their energy is legendary and unless they have an objective in their sights, they can be prone to restlessness. A love of animals and wildlife is also likely to be emphasised.

Positive encouragement will benefit Sagittarian children, as well as gentle but firm control so that their natural exuberance does not get too out of hand. Nevertheless, imposing too strong a discipline will not bring out their best qualities. They can become inhibited if they feel too tied. Their inherent love of - and in fact need for - freedom, both physical and mental, makes them dislike being tied down or having their liberty confined in any way. However, they are adaptable and flexible by nature, and as long as they have plenty of variety and interest in their lives, they will be happy and content.

These little ones generally have a lively, hopeful spirit and an agile body. Outdoor activities are usually enjoyed, and the more they are able to play in the fresh air, the better they will thrive. Athletics, sport or active games and exercises will be healthy outlets for their energy and vitality. They have an in-built love of movement so they may be particularly drawn to dancing or drama.

Being so active, they can get over-tired, and so will need some activities that stimulate their mind and rest their body. Fortunately, they tend to have quick and active minds, though the discipline of ordinary education may seem restrictive to them. Having said this, many choose to return to academic study in later life. So many subjects capture their imagination that they can get easily distracted. Pursuing several diverse subjects simultaneously can dissipate their energy, but with a little selectivity, they will be able to concentrate on the ones they like the best.

Their minds quickly absorb knowledge and they are always ready for more. Some enthusiasms may be intense and short lived, whilst others could turn out to be lifelong passions. Starting a project is a delight to these children, however they may not always finish them. Setting a goal or target can be helpful, and it may inspire them to complete one venture before they start another.

Sagittarian adults make vivacious, open-minded and warm parents. Their own natural optimism gives them faith in their offspring, and they can usually get a great deal out of them because they are able to encourage them in just the right way. They can be natural teachers, and are able to explain things clearly. With these parents, the home background can be stimulating and fun and often as much, if not more, can be learned in this environment than at school. They may have to beware of being a little too enthusiastic and optimistic of their child's intellectual capacity, perhaps by giving them books which are far too advanced. But they have an easygoing side too, and if their children don't do as well in school as they had hoped, or if make a mess in the home, then they will just take it all in their stride. Their main concern is that their offspring are happy.

They seem to have a natural enthusiasm for parenthood, and will have fun with their children, enjoying taking them on trips and outings. They too have a great love of freedom and here it is coupled with a natural instinct for order and discipline in society, so they will endeavour to make careful judgements for themselves and for those in their charge. They are easy to approach, and so if their children need to confide a problem or discuss an issue of importance to them they are ready to listen and help. They are straight and direct in approach, and because they speak so openly, they may on occasion need to employ a little more tact. However, their kind, generous and benevolent nature will always shine through and this will motivate their youngsters to be the best they can possibly be.

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Image of Capricorn

Children born with the Sun-sign of Capricorn have a practical down-to-earth character. They like to work hard at everything they undertake. These resourceful little ones have the determination to succeed, and will take pride in doing a job well. They aim for steady and consistent progress and will tenaciously adhere to a goal they set themselves - working patiently and one-pointedly in order to achieve their aims. When they make their minds up to fulfil a certain ambition, they will do so, despite any initial setbacks. Capricorn children have an in-built sense of purpose and so need a sound reason for their actions. They take life seriously. Even as infants, their outlook is arrived at through deep and careful thought.

These children like to spend their time usefully, and so the games and activities they enjoy are likely to reflect this. As a regular routine and meticulous planning can be preferred, it is sometimes difficult for them to be carefree or spontaneous. Many are avid readers, and are far happier engrossed in an interesting, and often educational, book than out playing with their friends. They may need encouragement to take exercise. It is not that they are in any way idle or lazy - nothing could be further from the truth - it is just that they prefer more purposeful activities.

Vocational interests are important to Capricorn children. They are willing to put in hours of study as they know it will pay handsome dividends. Shortcuts are seldom tried. Success - academic or otherwise - is their goal. It is important to them to be self-reliant. They know their own mind, and these independent and cautious little souls like to do things for themselves, even though they may like to have firm guidelines to work within.

The Capricorn child can be very exacting. They set themselves extremely high personal standards, and maintaining them can become an overriding preoccupation. Discipline and diligence is seldom lacking, however they can sometimes give in to self- doubt and cries of "I'll never be able to......" is one of their oft-used phrases. They are very capable and proficient, but they do need constant reassurance that their efforts are appreciated and valued.

Youngsters here can be shy, and sometimes a little self-conscious. They are often extremely mature for their age - the proverbial old head on young shoulders in fact. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult for them to relate to their peers, and so team endeavours may not be enjoyed. With their natural respect for authority, they may prefer the company of older people even in their early years, and they may need encouragement to join in with others of their own age. As they can be quite earnest children, it can be very helpful to stimulate any interest they show in music, natural history, or outdoor pursuits, as it will help them to relax in both mind and body. They are however calm in difficult situations, and their comic observations and sense of humour will enamour them to all they come into contact with.

Capricorn adults make committed and loyal parents. They take responsibility seriously, and although they may be a little on the strict side, they earn the respect of their offspring. Organisation comes naturally to them, they like to plan for the future and make satisfactory provision for any possibilities that might arise. However, their outlook can be somewhat inflexible and so they may tend to impose many rules and dictates upon their children.

The main desire of the Capricorn parent is to give their offspring as good a life as possible. They are eager to provide them with the things they felt may have been lacking in their own childhood. As they work towards this aim, they may become preoccupied with their own affairs and careers - and although they may not be able to spend a great deal of time with their family, they have the best intentions at heart. They are eager for their sons and daughters to make good progress, and will encourage and back them in all their endeavours.

Capricorn parents are long-suffering and patient, and they will always be there for their children. Their forte is in encouraging them to aspire to better things. They will be happy to get involved in parent/teacher activities in their child's school. However, they really come into their own during the teenage years, when their wisdom and patience can help build up their child's confidence and self-assurance. Even though expressing overt affection may not come easily to them, they can and do bring a wonderful sense of humour into play in parenthood, and with a little conscious effort, they can ensure that their child's life is suffused with fun and praise.

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Image of Aquarius

Children born with the Sun-sign of Aquarius have an inherent wisdom and understanding. Their thoughts and ideas are often way ahead of their time, and they need to express this originality and inventiveness. It will be helpful to encourage their interests, even if they seem a little out of the ordinary or unconventional - and frequently they will be. They have a tremendous need for independence. When their mind is made up, no amount of inducement will persuade them differently - but this just adds to the enchantment of the Aquarian child.

This is the sign of the free-spirit. There can be an urge to depart from the norm, and these little ones do need the space to develop free thinking. Their sympathetic attitude towards new ways or methods means they dislike restriction, but relish change and new things. They would probably feel stifled or bored if forced to observe too rigid a routine. All things progressive will fascinate them and they eagerly take in all that is new in technology, science and communications. Artistic activities too are usually enjoyed.

Aquarius is known as the sign of friendship, as it confers tolerance, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. These children are certainly individual little characters yet they also love being with others. They delight in meeting new people, usually get on well with others, and can be particularly good as a member of a team. Fitting in is very important to them, and they are often eager to belong to a group or society that reflects their own particular interests or which is connected to some unusual hobby they enjoy.

There is with this sign a natural tendency to view life in a detached manner, and so Aquarians seldom become too emotionally involved in the goings-on around them. The natural inclination is to approach problems through the mind not through the emotions. Being so mentally active can, without due care, sometimes be depleting. Try to encourage the young Aquarian to enjoy restful periods of quiet. It is especially restorative for them to spend time in the countryside or by the sea, as they are easily revitalised by contact with nature.

Aquarian children often have a strong will, and so can be somewhat resistant to doing things the way everyone else does. Even from a very young age, they can be quite serious and likely to exhibit mental independence. They have an inherent passion for knowledge, and with their enquiring original mind, they will need plenty of interests on the go to keep them stimulated and inspired. Their mental discipline and concentration are valuable assets, and as they grow older, many will be interested in exploring little-known subjects or disciplines. It is then that their good powers of observation, intuitive clear thinking and capacity for logical and rational thought will be of help.

With such a strong emphasis towards mental interests and occupations, it can be quite difficult for some of these little souls to express or even acknowledge their feelings. They will need gentle encouragement to tell you if they are upset, or if something is worrying them. Occasionally, too, it may take great patience and determination to help them to overcome any mental tiredness or unease. It is as well to remember that this sign also confers a good deal of common sense and usually a calm temperament. Aquarians realise the need for reason, justice, and fairness, so talk to them and explain things in a way they can understand and relate to, then potential difficulties will soon be alleviated.

Aquarian adults make liberal and forward-looking parents, and tend to be especially understanding when their children become involved in current fads. One of the most helpful qualities that this sign bestows is the capability to be non-judgemental. There is a natural adaptability, which, combined with an innate knowledge of human nature, gives parents here a wonderful insight into their children. They want to give their sons and daughters the freedom to express their individuality freely, and to enlarge their sympathies and mental horizons. Usually the Aquarian parent is not a strong disciplinarian, but they may occasionally need reminding of the inestimable value of a hug.

Perhaps the most demanding time for these parents is when their offspring are babies. As communication is an intrinsic part of their character, it is as the child matures, and thus ideas and dreams can be exchanged, that they really come into their own. An in-built down-to-earth realism helps them not to expect more from others that they are able to give. These are parents who like expanding the experience and knowledge of their children, and they endeavour to give them every opportunity. They usually find that exploring and experimenting together is very rewarding - as well as a tremendous amount of fun.

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Image of Pisces

Children born with the Sun-sign of Pisces have particularly vivid imaginations. These are the dreamers and visionaries of the zodiac, and in fact, it can sometimes appear that these little ones seem to live in a world of their own making. This world of make-believe can be quite real to them. They love stories, and will enjoy fables, fantasies and tales of heroic adventure. However, when young, it might be wise not to over-stimulate them, especially before bedtime, or they may have difficulty in settling down to sleep.

Pisces is also an exceptionally creative and artistic sign. It confers an innate appreciation of colour, music and movement. The more outlets for self-expression these children are encouraged to develop, the better. Drawing, painting and making things will appeal to many of them, whilst others will prefer to be involved with music. Learning a musical instrument or singing can often be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Their natural grace often lead these little ones into such flowing physical activities as dancing, skating or gymnastics. Even so, from time to time they may have difficulty in concentrating, as their mind skips from one subject to another.

The Piscean child is deeply sensitive. They can be acutely influenced by their environment and by the people around them. Because of this, they can absorb the emotional states of their companions. There can be a tendency for Piscean children to follow the crowd, and so it will be helpful to encourage them to develop discrimination and to learn to say "no" when the situation demands it. To bring out their best side, give them plenty of encouragement to be themselves and not to mirror others. It is important that they learn from early on in their lives to be positive and optimistic, and this will help protect them from the rough and tumble of daily life.

Children born with the Sun here are innately kind and gentle. They are unlikely to respond well to a strict or over academic school. They do, however need huge amounts of love and affection in order to feel secure. The more praise and encouragement they receive from their loved ones, the more they will blossom and flourish. The Piscean compassion and sensitivity to suffering is legendary, as is the desire to help and foster. From an early age, these are tender-hearted little souls, and they can be easily moved to tears if they see a bird or animal in distress. Pets are extremely good for these children, as it gives them the opportunity to express their inherent nurturing instincts.

A quiet home-life will best suit these youngsters. They dislikes confrontation, and can be especially vulnerable to any upset or discord they perceive in their environment. At the same time, there is a need for them to strengthen their confidence in themselves and their abilities, and many will have to consciously learn how to assert their own needs. The duality of this sign can be expressed through a simultaneous longing for a wide range of experiences, alongside a hankering for peace and security. It can be helpful to encourage some quiet times during each day, when calm, low-key activities can be enjoyed. Being on or near the sea can be extremely beneficial and restorative.

Piscean adults make understanding and caring parents. They usually have deeply nurturing instincts, and an immense enjoyment in rearing their young. They can identify with their children - no matter what their ages or level of development. One of their most beneficial parental strengths is their inborn empathy. They can be profoundly tolerant and non-judgemental, and this tends to bring out the best in their youngsters. They have the capacity to shower their children with unconditional love, and seldom can they be cross with them for any length of time - they are too willing to forgive and forget for that.

They are extremely kind parents, but they can find disciplining their offspring quite taxing. Any form of correction - even verbal - may be difficult for them to impose. For this reason, their children can sometimes get away with more that perhaps is good for them. Piscean parents are inclined to worry, and with the best intentions, some tend to pamper and spoil their children. Having said this, they do make an excellent connection with them, and this can more than make up for any seeming lack of discipline or direction. An openness to, acceptance of, and trust in life are characteristics often accentuated in Pisceans. They can give their children a secure, warm and loving upbringing, and often a wonderfully artistic background in which to thrive.

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